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Why are submissions closed? Honestly, it's a time issue. We all have day jobs. King Shot Press is what we do after work or on weekends. There just isn't enough manpower to handle open submissions on a regular basis. Hopefully that'll change as this experiment continues.

What do ya mean radical fiction? Leftist literature minus the academic shit. KSP aims to publish books about issues like anti-authortiarianism, racial egalitarianism, feminism, class struggle, secularity, etc through storytelling—fiction & non-fiction that's both anarchic in spirit and innovative in form.

What's with the Zombie JFK? It's pretty fuckin' iconic is what. Check that shit out. Zach Shonkwiler drew it, based on a design by Matthew Revert.

Why "King Shot Press"? It's in tribute to an unmade Jodorowsky film that sounded like it could have been awesome. We're big fans of Jodo around here (except maybe Revert) and this was intended as a home for literature that might slip through the cracks.

What's your connection to Broken River Books? King Shot Press was originally an imprint of BRB until 2016, when our schedules ceased to line up and it just seemed easier to part ways. We're still cool though! 

Can I become an intern for KSP? No. Having interned, it's too thankless a gig to be worth it for anyone. So we just go without. (We're terrible at capitalism if you can't tell.) If you're looking to get published, just show up at cons and meet people. Beer and cigarette breaks will change your life more than workshops and interning.

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