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Release date: March 16, 2015
Genres: Literary, Speculative, Crime
ISBN-13: 978-0997251821
188 Pages

Alexander, the first crowd-sourced city, has come to rival NYC as the premier metropolis in America. It's known as The Paradise City, the first step of a new era. But tonight: A haunting art performance. A killer's quest for redemption. And a photo shoot in a field set aflame. These plant in Alexander seeds of chaos that, when they blossom, will see paradise tearing itself apart.

“Lambert is a fresh, strong and self-reliant voice that invented a universe of an unspeakable beauty and an inexplicable foreboding. KILLER &VICTIM is a novel of human connection and creation . . . a visceral experience that'll appeal to the most reckless readers . . .”

“Lambert writes like a seasoned pro and has a knack for atmosphere and understated dialogue that makes this novel read like a cross between a Don DeLillo serial killer novel and a script about human disconnection in a futuristic metropolis co-written by David Cronenberg and David Foster Wallace . . . bizarre literary fiction and noir with a touch of (techno)fantasy.”

“. . . challenging, genre-bending.”