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Release date: March 30, 2018
Genres: Literary, Speculative, Crime
ISBN Pending
464 Pages


“Campanioni’s writing is playful, unflinching . . . a much-needed reminder of our endless potential for duality, in a world that too often suggests only polarity is possible.”—Harvard Review

A couple arrive at a Mexican resort town as grisly murders escalate, crowds converge in Manhattan for an End of the World party, a journalist’s search for the real story leads him to the facts of his own disappearance. . . Chris Campanioni’s DRIFT is an apocalyptic riddle, a countdown to dead time, where what’s scripted begins to blur with what’s real and the pervasive fear of being surveilled is matched only by a desire to keep filming.

“DRIFT is a dizzying, nightmarish journey through our final days. This is one of those unique works, existing somewhere between Julio Cortázar’s 62: A Model Kit, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, and maybe Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia . . . Campanioni has written an hysterical, existential glimpse of a parallel now populated with disappearing lovers, converging singularities and technological depression.”
—Chris Lambert, author of Killer Unconquered

“He is Frank O’Hara traveling the hyper-connected contemporary landscape via iPhone—spawning, recording, discarding speculative versions of himself. . . He carries his Situationism between cities, between countries, between periods in his life without rest or regard for boundaries. Campanioni isn’t playing at being clever; he is erasing himself to locate the sublime.” —The Brooklyn Rail