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Release date: March 11, 2016
Genres: Literary, Drama
ISBN 978-0-9972518-0-7
138 Pages

A thirty-something floral salesman searches for reasons to keep living.

“Troy James Weaver writes like the Angel of Death is holding a Smith & Wesson to his head. Marigold is a hundred haikus of loneliness, pages torn from Baudelaire’s dream journal, the suicide note as high art. Forget your dime-a-dozen writers on the New York Times bestseller list; here is an authentic voice crying out from the American darkness.”
—Kevin Maloney, author of CULT OF LORETTA

Marigold is a no-bullshit portrait of 21st century American loneliness. It's a small epic on the mysteries of alienation and self-doubt. Weaver is the poet-laureate of Midwestern absurdity with a heart a mile wide. He is a writer with great powers of empathy and devastating sadness. . . a refreshingly honest revelation for these idiotic times we live in.”
—Michael Bible, author of SOPHIA